How to open a Ecig or Vapor Shops in UK,USA

Vapor Shops are one of the most profitable and fastest growing trends in the USAretail business market today. Most people are introduced to electronic cigarettes by what we commonly refer to as “gas stations brands”. These are the low cost disposables, and 2-piece units you may find at your local C-Store or gas station. While these are effective, in the long run most consumers tend switch over to refillable and customizeable units you can only currently find in specialty vapor shops, with the most popular being eGo’s and Clearomizer units.

This is one way that the average business can compete with the big name Tobacco companies who are planning on releasing their own eCig brands. Big Tobacco has no infiltration in the Specialty Vapor Shops and their growth over the next few years will be astounding! If you currently have little or no vapor shops in your area, the opportunity is golden for you to open your own!

The entry in to the Vapor Shop market is relatively easy. We have listed it as basically a 5 step process to starting your own Vapor Shop business.

1.Securing a location

2.Obtaining Insurance / Licensing

3.Signage / Naming / Branding

4.Securing a Supplier

5.Advertising and Marketing

  1. Securing a Location:

A Vapor Shop is like any other retail store out there is best suited in highly trafficked area, the more visitors travelling by that can see your store, the better. Many successful shops are found on busy roads or in plazas or malls. Some other locations our clients have worked at are kiosks, trade shows, flea markets, festivals and more!

  1. Obtaining Insurance:

One of the top questions asked is “what kind of license do I need?”…  Currently to sell electronic cigarettes there is no specific license or permit needed. However we do feel that within the next year or two the FDA will soon put regulations in that require the owner to be a tobacco reseller, so it would be wise to get this licensing as soon as possible. Typically, general liability insurance as you would have with any other store is needed. Many of our manufacturers carry their own levels of insurance and those umbrella policies can pass on to you in case of faulty products and so forth.

  1. Signage / Naming / Branding

Branding and Naming your vapor shop something memorable is important. Many of our customers use “Vape, Vapor, Ecig” or related words in the name. This is where your own creativity comes into play. Be sure to register your business name with your county or State as a DBA and file any necessary trademarks if you would like your name protected. Highly visible signage with your business name is best.

  1. Securing A Supplier:

This is where we come in! WholesaleVapor is the #1USAbased supplier of electronic cigarettes and accessories. We carry the latest and greatest of all electronic cigarette products on the market today and our inventory is constantly expanding with updated merchandise. Besides carrying just hardware, we carry accessories, juices and e-liquid, retail acrylic display and anything that may be related to the industry. We offer fast domestic shipping on all orders (no need to wait for production or your typical ~30 day turnaround time fromChina).  All of our products are manufactured under strict quality control.  Being a volume based business we have special relationships with many of the manufacturers, our bulk purchasing allows us to receive products at lower rates – which we in turn pass those savings on to you with very little markup.  If there is something that you or a customer of yours may be requesting, just contact us here and send a request that we carry it. We are always open to bringing in different products.

  1. Advertising & Marketing:

Get your name out there! Contact local news organizations to let them know you are opening a new business. Contact your local radio, TV, newspaper and other advertising sources to help spread the word. We found that radio ads tend to be one of the most cost effective approaches to getting brand recognition and customers into the shop.

All in all opening a Vapor Shop is one of the easiest businesses to get into nowadays and the profitability and expand-ability is only hindered by your drive to succeed! Help turn smokers to a healthier alternative, enjoy the work that you do, come be part of a revolution and open your vapor shop today! You will not regret it.

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