Kamry Micro

All design for easy

Easy life, easy health and easy vape

Let your life more easy and convenient, that is what we are doing.

It’s just amazing, it can be put into the pocket, and can be use at any time.


Kamry Micro pen can vape automatically with the airflow induction. the LED light indicates the working status in real-time: gradually brightening and darkening, simulated the cigarette.

Coil can be replaced, easy to use.

The battery core chip with ASIC design will never be halted.

Charging: battery with intelligent charging protection function and using 510 thread wireless USB cable can be recharged through DC5V 500MA adaptor, PC port and output DC5V car charger, 2 hours on a full charge. The LED indicator lights when charging; Lights off when full charging.

Protection Function: short circuit protection and low power protection.

Strong Anti-interference capability: won’t trigger vape when flinging and falling.

Filling: turn upside down the atomizer, screw off the base and slope 30-45°the tank; Fill liquid along the inner wall; Don’t overflow the airway, then screw on the base.

To replace coil: turn upside down the atomizer, then screw off the connector. Take out the coil unit from the bottom base, replace with a new one.